About Us

The Story

There is a girl who lives on the dark side of the moon. Spinning unspoken dreams in the night and writing late night tales are her favourite things to do. With a love for fashion and art, she created an in-between world called Tinge of Black. You’re invited to be part of this alchemy, where whimsical clothes all over the world and indie style meets. Only the sweetest deals, she promises.

The Inspiration Behind

It all started with a dream of wanting to have a store of her own, when the girl was a teenager. She was constantly caught in the world of dreams, which she sometimes could never get out from. Her dreams always contained a tinge of monotone, and at times it was tainted with dark colours. Drawing inspiration from her dreams and everyday life, she would draw her days away with black and white illustrations, create narratives with photographs, and write about anything and everything in her stash of diaries. That aside, she also has a penchant for skulls, which is a recurring motif in her dreams, as well as in her art.

Hence, this gave birth to the name “Tinge of Black”. 

With a love for fashion, illustrations, photography, writing and all things related to art and design, she decided to fuse her love for art with fashion. Tinge of Black will be a little milieu, which she hopes to share with like-minded people from all over the world. Working her way through, Tinge of Black finally became reality on June 2012! This of course cannot be possible without the help of her awesome friends! Aiming to share and bring exclusive designs worldwide, she hopes to add a tinge of colour to people's lives with the quirky apparels that are sold at Tinge of Black.